Covid Update # 7

Country by Country Supply Chain Update


  • RTA have temporarily lifted the ban on the movement of empty trucks weighting 2.5 Tones on roads in Dubai
  • Etihad Airways to suspend all departures from Abu Dhabi Intl airport immediately for 14 days.
  • Both airlines and sea freight carriers are facing various issues which are beyond our control and could result in last minute delays and rate changes.
  • Sea freight LCL movements are now subject to inducement, so suggestion for faster movements would be FCL or airfreight.
  • Airline & carrier service disruptions along with pricing fluctuations are to be expected during this time and will be quoted accordingly at time of movement.
  • The UAE has suspended all passenger & transit flights, and this will take effect from March 26th. Cargo & emergency evacuation flights are exempt.
  • Hapag Lloyd have reported 24th March that they have on-hired over 100,000 TEU of additional equipment across the Globe to keep supply chain flowing.


  • Vessels calling Indian ports from infected countries are required to undergo a quarantine of 14 days
  • Airports are shut completely for 21 days from 25th March 2020
  • Transporters have ceased operation
  • Shipping lines are NOT taking bookings / Customs clearance also ceased.


  • Intl flights are shut with immediate effect until 4th April 2020, cargo freighters are still allowed.
  • Sea freight continues without problems, larger airfreight can be planned as sea/air via Dubai UAE or Salah, Oman.


  • Ports of Seattle & Tacoma still operating normally but handling less cargo
  • Boeing shuts assembly lines in response to the pandemic
  • US relaxes laws on import tariffs for Chinese medical supplies.


  • British Airways are suspending all flights to and from Canada until further notice
  • Airfreight rates soar as Carriers abandon contracted rates.


  • Maersk report reduction in demand, consequently there will be a blank sailing of the AE1 service departing from Far East Asia in week 14 and returning from North Europe in week 19.


  • Passenger flights are all cancelled Cargo freighters servicing Sydney & Melbourne only Brisbane cargo is landing in Sydney and trucking to Brisbane
  • Sea freight running ok.


  • Shortage of capacity in airfreight market
  • All transport functions and utilities, including both seaports, land transfers , customs and storage
  • Bonded facilities are fully functional, and have increased their staff according to requirements.


  • Ocean still operational
  • Warehouse & customs still operational
  • Airfreight PAX flights are partially or totally closed – solution is cargo flight.


  • Carriers working remotely
  • Customs working albeit slowly


  • Sea freight is working ok apart from a few blank sailings
  • Re-introductions of temporary border controls at the borders with Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxemburg & Denmark
  • Weekend bans of truck movements have been relaxed


  • Sea freight inbound & outbound fully operational apart from space issues
  • Airfreight inbound and outbound fully operational – prices have increased massively.


  • Sea freight ports are operational
  • Airfreight & sea freight operators are warning that space & rates are NOT stable
  • Transport & customs working but slowly.


  • Almost all air carriers have announced flight cancelled until end March
  • Sea freight & road freight operating as normal.

UK –

  • Sea freight = No current issues with sea freight imports / Road haulage & UK ports operational / shortage of 20’ containers in the market
  • Airfreight = Passenger flights & Cargo / Freighters are still operating – capacity is reduced


  • Shipping lines are working with minimal staff
  • Road, air, sea is continuing but slower.


  • All Vietnamese airlines have stopped their flights, other airlines have reduced flights and increased rates
  • Sea freight apart from foodstuffs has been cancelled by Consignee’s
  • Rice exports to China & Philippines have been stopped by the Government

*** Disclaimer: All information and data compiled are subject to change. With the rapid response of agencies and offices on all levels due to this global pandemic, this information only pertains to the date posted. ***


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