Our Culture

The “how we do it” and “why we do it” come from our culture and core values.

First and foremost we are family company. Family means a long term relationship, it means sacrifice and flexibility, it means transparent communication and working together toward common goals that are in everyone’s best interest. With this as our rock to build upon it’s an easy next step to understand that we see our clients as partners rather than revenue streams. That we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep our partners growing and on the right track. That we will always operate with integrity and in our clients best interest.

Core Values


Perfection is not attainable but excellence can be attained by always working to improve and putting forth maximum effort - our very best. We believe in doing whatever it takes, within reason, to provide viable solutions to our partners either proactively or in the moment.


We believe in the personal commitment we make with every client, every day. Our word is stronger than any paper and we will do whatever it takes to fulfill our promises.


We believe it is our duty to anticipate, evaluate and educate our clients in any and all variables that may impact them now or in the future.


We will always work together and find ways to facilitate your business growth. There is always a way and success is merely a matter of effort over time. Almost anything not already dictated by the physical universe can be accomplished with effort, patience and flexibility.

Our History

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Founded in New York, in the year 2000, Pegasus Maritime, Inc. was originally established as a value added service offered by Pegasus Shipping, Inc. - a C-TPAT certified, licensed U.S. Customs House Brokerage whose primary objective was to provide"Door-to-Door"service. In the years since its establishment, Pegasus Maritime, Inc. has shown remarkable growth as a licensed NVOCC. This accomplishment has been the result of our focus on team member's professionalism in conjunction with innovative procedures and technology.

In the years since we began operations, our commitment to each client has always been to aid in improving the cost-effectiveness of import and export programs while maintaining quality and ensuring regulatory compliance. We strive to be always accessible to discuss business and services with existing and prospective clients. And we are always eager to draw upon our wealth of experience to find viable solutions to problems or identify areas in which we can improve and perfect our models.

Pegasus Maritime, Inc. has now accomplished international presence and is identified as one of the leading Freight Forwarders/NVOCC in the industry. Over the years our work has afforded us a position of respect in the areas of operation in which we excel.

Our Promise: We will take ownership of the services we commit to provide; that each client will benefit from our commitment, our efficiency and our dedication.