Clean Truck Fee for Los Angeles and Long Beach Port

The rate for nonexempt trucks of $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit – a standard measure for one 20-foot-long cargo container – was set in March 2020 by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to encourage the trucking industry to invest in cleaner vehicles and reach zero emissions.

The program will be administered like Pierpass - but managed and claimed via Port Check.
This will apply to Import and Export, and Container needs to be claimed ahead of the gate transaction. If a zero emissions truck is used for the transaction, the pre cleared transaction is credited back to the party that claimed Port Check.

There are sticker passes trucks can get for exempted vehicles. Check out more information down below:

Attached JOC coverage and other sites for reference:

Port of Los Angeles Tariff No. 4 - Section 20 - Clean Air Action Plan:


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