65 Ships Anchored in LA and LB Ports

What to expect?

  • Carriers will stop taking bookings for LA/WC service OR reduce dramatically for a few weeks
  • They will probably try to break it up over a period of time, for example 2 weeks on/2 weeks off or 3 to 1 etc. rather than not ship to the WC at all for weeks on end…
  • This means other ports, which are also congested, will become even more so
  • This will help the LA congestion but will continue to exacerbate the inconsistent schedules we are now facing
  • It will be 3 months at the earliest before we are anywhere near “normal” in terms of ocean space/schedule – very likely it will take longer
  • Chaos and lack of capacity or available equipment will continue to keep the rates high in this trade

Here is some more information from Senior Editor Kim Link-Wills of FreightWaves:



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